“Teach only love, for that is what you are.”

~A Course In Miracles

“Through the years, I have been fortunate enough to work with some incredible people and once in a while you are connected to that special Being who exudes the most magnificent light. Halina Kurowska is one of those who shines as bright as the morning sun and the words she shares are those of wisdom, healing and love. I will be forever filled with gratitude for Spirit gifting me the opportunity for my path to cross with hers. Take the offering of her outstretched hand and I know you’ll be grateful, too!”

~Lisa Hardwick, Project Director Visionary Insight Press




“A wonderful teacher! I love her mirror work and her lovely voice. She led us through a workshop with such an ease, and made us realize how important it is to love ourselves. Thank you Halina,!”

~Sanya Burzan, Podgorica, Montenegro




“Fabulous presentation. Halina is an inspiration. Wonderful workshop session.”

~Jo Ann Spaulding, Whitehall, Montana, USA




“Halina, you are a great teacher. Your workshop was very uplifting and a fabulous experience. You shared a great story of positive thinking and you made me feel that I was good enough just the way I am. You are a beautiful person and you created loving and wonderful workshop. Thank you.”

~ Teresa Greenow, Sydney, Australia




“Halina is a sweet and caring coach. She really cares and wants to help. She is wonderful at explaining the power of affirmations and mirror work and how to use them. She is kind and thoughtful and has a calming voice. Thank you Halina.”

~ Michelle Reese, Walnut Creek, California, San Francisco Bay Area, USA




“Wonderful and meaningful workshop. Amazing facilitation. Thank you Halina for providing safe and loving environment for sharing and healing. Everyone must attend!”

~ Kelly M. Mississauga, Ontario, Canada



“Dearest Halina, thank you for inspiring me to be more of who I am and to feel from the Soul. I am blessed to have met you. Knowing you opens my heart wider.”

~ Nadira, Brampton, Ontario, Canada



“Dear Halina, you are one of my blessings this year, I am grateful that you are in my life and I am able to open up with you. Thank you so much for your compassion, time and teachings.”

~ Patricia, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada