“Spring has passed.
Summer has gone.

Winter is here …and the song I meant to sing remains unsung.
For I have spent my days stringing and unstringing my instrument.”

– Rabindranath Tagore

How we spend our days determines how we spend our lives.


Every day is precious.


You are precious.


Your life is precious.


Now, this moment, take time for what matters: YOU and your dreams.


I believe that no matter what challenges you experienced or unfulfilled dreams you have, the power to change your life lies within YOU!


I support your conscious evolution by honouring the wisdom within your heart.


Life Coaching is about YOU!


It is a collaborative relationship that empowers you to live your best life.


My coaching process is designed to help you assess your entire life, make positive changes, achieve life balance and create the life you truly desire.


Through working with me as your Life Coach you will:

• Release negative limiting thought patterns
• Gain clarity and discover answers to your life’s unique concerns
• Identify and move through fears and doubts
• Improve your relationships
• Set and achieve personal and professional goals
• Increase your self-esteem
• Accept and love yourself fully
• Get in touch with your intuition
• Create and live an inspired and meaningful life


As an experienced, effective, compassionate and insightful Life Coach I will assist you in getting in touch with your inner wisdom and empower you to realize your true potential.


I will inspire, motivate and guide you step-by-step to your greater happiness, health, peace and fulfillment.


I offer a unique blend of experience, wisdom and Soul while I listen deeply to your concerns, help you release limitations and empower you with the skills to transform your life. I use modalities such as meditation, visualization and affirmations to help you get in touch with the magnificent potential that resides within you.


Through working with me, you will be able to make meaningful advancements in your life. You will move from a limited place of judgement and self-criticism to a vast open field of self-love, compassion and potentiality.


Heal Your Life Coaching is in many ways similar to other coaching programs, yet there are some important differences. One of the fundamentals of Louise Hay’s work is that loving yourself is part of the solution regardless of the part of your life you want to change. In this framework, I will share with you variety of techniques that will help you to achieve the state of loving and accepting yourself which in turn will improve all areas of your life.


As a Licenced Heal Your Life® Coach and Spiritual Counsellor I offer private confidential coaching sessions.