7 Hawaiian Concepts to Advance Your Spiritual Practice

By Halina Kurowska

July 18, 2016

As we travel on our spiritual journey we encounter many techniques designed to advance us on our path. Affirmations, visualizations, the tapping … the list could be quite long. Personally, I’m a big fan of mirror work in its many forms. There is an immense transformative power when we gaze deeply into our eyes in the mirror. Through this practice, negativity is lifted, healed, and transmuted into self-forgiveness, self-compassion, and self-love which translates into forgiveness, compassion, and love for others.


Combining the mirror work with Huna principles is an empowering process.


Huna is an ancient Hawaiian healing practice and philosophy.  As our modern psychology, Huna recognizes the three aspects of ourselves: the Lower Self (subconscious); the Middle Self (consciousness); and the Higher Self – Spirit. Each of these has its own characteristic and through Huna, we gain understanding of how they interact. Delving deeper into Huna philosophy, we learn that there are seven principles that govern every moment of our daily life. These principles correspond to the concept of Chakras, the energy centres in our body, and they are the seven principles to freedom.


It will take about five to eight minutes to go through them in the mirror, yet the benefits of this daily practice are truly priceless and will lead to profound change. I know, I’ve experienced it!


So, standing in front of the mirror, look deeply into your eyes as you state these principles. Of course the statements I’m proposing here are just to guide you, use your own words, make it yours, but use it daily.


IKE – The world is what you think it is: Be Aware (corresponds to the Crown Chakra) – say to yourself, “Today be aware of your thoughts, they do create your reality. Today, think only good, positive thoughts, thoughts that bring health, and abundance, goodness and joy into your life. Today, I’m choosing to think new thoughts that will create the life I want.”

  1. KALA – There are no limits: Be Free (Root Chakra) — say “You are free to create the life you desire. The only limits are your limiting thoughts and feelings.” A Course In Miracles says, “There is no order of difficulty in miracles. One is not “harder” or “bigger” than another. They are all the same. All expressions of love are maximal.” Talk to yourself as you would talk to a dear friend, the one you truly care about. Say to yourself, “whatever limiting beliefs I have, I let go of them now. I let go, I let go. I have the desire, right and determination to heal myself, my relationships, my financial situation.” Fill in whatever you feel you need to work on now.
  2. MAKIA – Energy flows where attention goes: Be Focused (Sacral Chakra) — Say to yourself, “My thoughts have power and carry enormous energy within them, they create the circumstances in my life.” Focus on the good that you want to see in your life. Focus on LOVE and on what you would love to attract into your life.
  3. MANAWA – Now is the moment of power: Be Present (Solar Plexus Chakra) — The point of power is in the present moment, so let go of whatever disappointments you encountered yesterday and do not worry about the future. Instead, focus on this moment. Breathe into it with full awareness that this moment is all you have and that this moment is your life. And, it is good, so good.
  4. ALOHA – To love is to be happy with: Be Happy (Heart Chakra) So, be happy! Love who you are and what you have and all about you and everything around you. Love yourself deeply and fully because this love is what creates the good in your life and the good life. Love yourself and be gentle with yourself, offer compassion and forgiveness toward yourself and, once your cup is full it overflows and spills that love and compassion toward others. Then, filled with love, you have something truly valuable to offer to others. So, focus on LOVE.
  5. MANA – All power comes from within: Be Confident (Throat Chakra) — You are directly connected to the greatest power and wisdom, so don’t dismiss that with feelings and thoughts of unworthiness. Remember your magnificence and your brilliance. As Marianne Williamson said, “Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” So, look deeply into your eyes and affirm to yourself, “Yes, I do have the power within me to create the best life for myself. I am a channel of that Power. I trust my Higher Self and I know that I am loved and supported at all times.”
  6. PONO – The effectiveness is the measure of truth: Be Expectant/Be Positive (Third Eye Chakra) – Always expect the best, expect good things to come to you. Know and expect that all the work you put into your daily practice will bring wonderful results to you.


This is your program for success. Develop deep, loving relationship with your own self and watch your life unfold in new and wondrous ways. Tune into your inner guidance, your Inner Wise Self and stay open to the wonderful possibilities life is preparing to offer you. Trust the wisdom the resides deep within you.


Excerpt from the chapter written by Halina Kurowska, “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Mirror talk: Steps to achieve tangible results in your own life” in the multi-author book “The Empowerment Manual” compiled and published by Visionary Insight Press.

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