Loving Kindness

With good will for the entire cosmos  Cultivate a limitless heart.
Above, below and all around unobstructed

Without hostility or hate.    


~ Karaniya Metta Sutta: Good Will ~

Start the new year with love: 5 Elements of Effective Intentions

By Halina Kurowska January 31, 2017 Ahhh January … the month of beginnings and restrictions after the debauchery of December. Everyone wants to fix something and scrambles to set up resolutions. Lose weight. Exercise. Diet. Get organized.   One of the meanings of the word resolution is to find a solution to a problem. Most

7 Hawaiian Concepts to Advance Your Spiritual Practice

By Halina Kurowska July 18, 2016 As we travel on our spiritual journey we encounter many techniques designed to advance us on our path. Affirmations, visualizations, the tapping … the list could be quite long. Personally, I’m a big fan of mirror work in its many forms. There is an immense transformative power when we

Mothers and Children

By Halina Kurowska May 08, 2016 As May rolls in and motherhood is on our minds, I’m reminded once again about the sublime poem, “On Children,” by the great mystic poet Kahlil Gibran. The insight into mothering that he shares with us greatly influenced my parenting. Remembering that ‘my children are not my children’ helped


By Halina Kurowska April 18, 2016 The day is just waking up with the first gentle rays of sun and I’ve already completed two hours of morning meditation and had breakfast. The morning is still somewhat cold and damp, and the path is covered with a fresh dusting of snow. It is very early spring