Hi, I’m Halina!


Welcome! LOVE brought you here!


It is not through coincidence but rather through Divine synchronicity that you found me. My mission and passion is to inspire, guide and motivate you to find joy, peace and fulfillment in your life.


My healing work is designed to bring you to a place of AWARENESS of what beliefs or thoughts are blocking you from achieving your goals, to help you get in touch with your inner WISDOM and to take you to a state of EMPOWERMENT and mastery of your own life. You and your life will be transformed and transcended … you will get in touch with this deep, beautiful feeling known as AWE.


To start you on your journey, I’d like to tell you about my own story of transformation.


In my early childhood, I was caught in a cycle of violence and brokenness that stemmed from alcoholism in my parents. These early experiences brought valuable life lessons that awakened within me a desire for learning and understanding the meaning of life. In my teens, feeling different, not fitting into my family or peers, I looked to spiritual masters and books for solace and making sense of life.


At age of 23, as a result of political unrest in my country, I immigrated to Canada with my then husband and $100.00 in my pocket. I was four months pregnant with my first child and knew not a word of English. We settled in to our new country as best we could. At 27, I had another baby. This time, however, having a baby brought on the full scope of my depression. The next three years were tumultuous. Feelings of pain, guilt, fear and hopelessness were constantly present and my marriage unraveled.


By age 30, I was separated, with two little ones by my side, and I still only had a limited knowledge of the English language. But, as is often the case in times of trouble, all of this carried blessings within — I knew that I had to change something and I started my search.


It was at that time that I had my first spiritual awakening. Feeling deeply lost, scared and experiencing what’s called the deep night of the soul, I awakened to the presence of light, love and beauty I have never seen before. Everything around me was alive, shimmering with light and beauty. Everything was bathed in a beautiful, warm, gentle and loving light. With amazement, I looked at this beauty and knew that there is something more to life than what we daily perceive with our limited senses.


The journey that started years ago with that first spiritual awakening has been quite remarkable and it expanded way beyond my initial hopes.


My love of learning led me to enter the doors of University of Toronto. I took courses in philosophy, psychology and world religions, and at the age of 39, I graduated with a degree in philosophy and sociology. Discovering the wisdom, beauty and practical application of Buddhism, I started to practice meditation.


Soon after, I was employed by a regional government; my role was to counsel women, providing guidance and support in their times of need. This lasted 15 years until Spirit had a different plan for me.


After the loss of this job, greater miracles began to unfold. Within a year, I became a Licensed Life Coach and Heal Your Life ® teacher, founder of Living With AWE: Awareness, Wisdom, Empowerment and a published author.


Meditation is my main spiritual practice and I am a long-time practitioner of vipassana meditation; I spent the last seven years attending meditation retreats where I take vows of silence for many days at a time. To date, I spent close to 100 days in silent meditation. Practicing meditation led me to further experience awakening and the unfolding of the mystical and miraculous in my life. Read my article about my insight into the meditation practice on my Blog: “Into the Woods: Reflections on Meditation”.


Having experienced the enormous benefits of mediation first-hand, I want to help you realize the profound value of adding meditation to your daily life.


I’ve poured over spiritual wisdom traditions, which have led me to gain an insight into the nature of life. This insight allows me to share these profound teachings with you. As a Licensed Heal Your Life ® Teacher and Life Coach, I assist you in your growth and transformation. Heal Your Life worldwide.


My unique approach to Life Coaching is rooted in my life and professional experience, as well as many years of studying and applying the wisdom of philosophers, ancient healing techniques and the masters of spiritual traditions.


Being open to Life and following the guidance of the wisdom within, I was introduced to new assignments and embraced them with my whole heart. Today, I am an author of four short stories published in multi-author books.  Amazon Author.


The biggest gift I received from Life, however, is the lightness of my heart. The feelings of joy, love, peace, gratitude and freedom are with me daily. And, if something happens that is not so pleasing, I have a deep knowing that this is a lesson, that nothing is in vain, and that everything has a purpose. These days, I live my life with childlike curiosity and wonder.


So, when I say that the power to change your life lies within you, I know from my experience that this is possible and I will guide you, step-by-step, to your highest potential.


Through our work together you will experience healing in all areas of your life:

  • Your relationships will become harmonious
  • Your self-esteem will soar as you will learn how to love yourself
  • Your stress levels will decrease and you will experience increased well-being
  • You will find fulfillment and satisfaction in all areas of your life


It is my great honour to be of service to your growth and transformation.


My credentials:

  • Honours Bachelor of Arts – University of Toronto; Specialist in Philosophy, Major in Sociology
  • Diploma: Social Service Worker
  • Diploma: Advanced Counselling
  • Certified Life Coach, Heal Your Life ® accredited by Patricia J. Crane, PhD and Rick Nichols
  • Heal Your Life ®Workshop Leader, certified by Patricia J. Crane, PhD and Rick Nichols
  • A Course Of Miracles student and teacher